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Our species is dying and it is up to people like James Griffin-Mars, a time traveler who works for an allegedly philanthropic corporation, to delve into the past and steal resources from bygone disasters. But one job proves too good to be true and now James and Elise, a woman who is supposed to be three centuries dead, have to fight for survival during some of humanity’s worst debacles. This is a fantastic, edge-of-your-seat novel that weaves dark future-history, high-tech gadgetry, and fundamental human failings together to create a tapestry of action, adventure, and all-around time-travel goodness. –Rich
Fredrik Sjöberg's The Fly Trap is perhaps the most exuberant and engaging narrative about flies that one will ever read. Sjöberg, a Swedish entomologist, is fascinated not just with flies but also with curiosity, slowness, exploration, and storytelling. He brings pieces of the entomologist’s work to life with a flighty cast of characters—from fellow “buttonologists” (collectors) and fly-catching greats to tourists who have wandered astray on the remote island he calls home. Passionately written and delicately informed by history, art, and obsession, The Fly Trap offers quirky insights and subtle intrigue in a fresh hybrid of memoir and nature writing. –Richael


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