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Start: 11:00 am
Join us for this fun round of readings from picture and storybooks ... Go to the castle in the children's section ... and the stories begin!
Start: 7:00 pm
A distinguished, long-time veteran journalist, first as an award-winning reporter in Pennsylvania, then for many years as an editor at The Oregonian in Portland—where he particularly oversaw Northwest Magazine—Joe Bianco recounts memorable years and more in his autobiographical book, The Story Never Ends: A Memoir of a Newspaper Reporter (Avellino Press). "Northwest [Magazine] was a terrific magazine, catching the essence of Portland and, I think, the whole Pacific Northwest—vigorous, venturesome, and just downright damn interesting, 52 weeks a year. Need I say, the Bianco style of editing was welcoming to good writing, and—this is a rare compliment from a writer—he knew not only how to shape an article but when to leave well enough alone. I was always pleased and proud to be in the pages of Northwest, feeling almost like an honorary Oregonian." - Ivan Doig, joined in early praise by Barry Lopez and Larry Colton.
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