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Start: 7:00 pm
Novelist Ron Currie, Jr., whose work has won a "Young Lions" Fiction Award from the New York Public Library and other accolades (including comparisons with Raymond Carver and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr) reads from his much anticipated Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles (Viking). " A postmodern love story, self-consciously playful in a Vonnegut-ian way. At the beginning of the novel, Ron, the narrator and a writer, promises us a work that will be "capital-T True," though he's also careful to make a distinction between Truth and Fact ... Currie's narrative is not just about the self-conscious act of writing a novel about Emma—it's also about the death of his father and the possibility of machines themselves becoming conscious beings in an act called a singularity. Free-wheeling—and at times both moving and hilarious. - Kirkus Reviews. Ron Currie, Jr.'s previous work includes God Is Dead and Everything Matters.
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