The Rapture of the Nerds Cover Image
ISBN: 9780765329103
Availability: Special Order
Published: Tor Books - September 4th, 2012

Event date: 
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 7:00pm
The Elliott Bay Book Company
1521 Tenth Avenue
98122 Seattle
Fun and fantasy are in store here tonight as highly acclaimed novelist (Little Brother, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom) and blogger/editor (Boing Boing) Cory Doctorow is here with a new science fiction novel he and Charles Stross have collaborated on, The Rapture of the Nerds: A tale of the singularity, posthumanity, and awkward social situations (Tor). "This collaboration between two renowned sf authors exemplifies what is best in post-cyberpunk fiction, in all of its barely controlled chaos. Huw, a human throwback in a mostly post-human world, wakes up hungover in a friend's bathtub with a new roaming biohazard tattoo ...The plot tangles exponentially from there, involving frequent gender reassignments, a crash landing in the Neverglades, reality show judges, fundamentalist post-Rapture Americans, and genies who are wizards at financial trading ... Consider this adventure of multiple dimensions a backdoor into a post-technological singularity world, which will appeal to Doctorow and Stross's many fans." - Cathy Lantz, Library Journal.