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Vurt is a feather--a drug, a dimension, a dream state, a virtual reality. It comes in many colors: legal Blues for lullaby dreams. Blacks, filled with tenderness and pain, just beyond the law. Pink Pornovurts, doorways to bliss. Silver feathers for techies who know how to remix colors and open new dimensions. And Yellows--the feathers from which there is no escape. The beautiful young Desdemona is trapped in Curious Yellow, the ultimate Metavurt, a feather few have ever seen and fewer still have dared ingest. Her brother Scribble will risk everything to rescue his beloved sister. Helped by his gang, the Stash Riders, hindered by shadowcops, robos, rock and roll dogmen, and his own dread, Scribble searches along the edges of civilization for a feather that, if it exists at all, must be bought with the one thing no sane person would willingly give.

Praise For…

"Surreal."--the New York Times

"A virtual wonderland."--Vanity Fair

"The mainstreaming of cyberpunk."--the New Yorker

Product Details
ISBN: 9780312141448
ISBN-10: 0312141440
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: January 15th, 1996
Pages: 342
Language: English
Series: Vurt