120 Easy -Medium Sudoku: Challenge Sudoku Puzzle Book (Paperback)

120 Easy -Medium Sudoku: Challenge Sudoku Puzzle Book Cover Image


- The Ultimate Challenge Sudoku Puzzle Book

Grab this massive bargain bonanza of classic Sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty levels, expertly crafted and graded.

- 120 E Medium puzzles for intermediate players or as a warm up for experts

This book with hundreds of hours of fun inside makes a great gift

We've had your entertainment and convenience in mind when designing this book and thought about the small details which make a difference: - Wide center margins making it easier to work on the puzzles when you open or fold the book

- This also makes it easy to tear out the pages if you want to

- Bigger font and better quality paper than newspapers and magazines - easy to read and write on without worry of bleed through

- Problem levels has been expertly assessed for consistency

Product Details
ISBN: 9780478694024
ISBN-10: 0478694024
Publisher: Cucu Suru
Publication Date: May 17th, 2021
Pages: 36
Language: English