Democratic Policymaking: An Analytic Approach (Paperback)

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This introduction applies analytic models to policymaking challenges, equipping students with tools to evaluate core policymaking dilemmas. Students are introduced to the approaches of game theory, social choice theory, research design and causal inference. Key terms, along with current research, are highlighted to build an understanding of public policy study. Exercises and thought questions enable students to develop skills to assess public policy dilemmas. The analytically rigorous style of the text is accessible and avoids lengthy descriptions. Supplementary resources for instructors include extensive notes, ancillaries and online resources, including a test bank, quizzes and editable lecture slides for all chapters that can be modified to fit particular courses. This textbook is suitable for introductory public policy and public administration courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.
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ISBN: 9780521122764
ISBN-10: 0521122767
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: December 7th, 2016
Pages: 506
Language: English