Path Puzzles 3rd Ed. (Paperback)

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The Path Puzzles book. If you enjoy logical puzzles like Sudoku but are bored of the basic filling-in-numbers-in-a-9x9-grid tedium, then check out this creative new puzzle type from Roderick Kimball. Use the numbers outside the grid (which ranges in size and shape from a simple 2x2 box up to a full-page monstrosity consisting of multiple sub-rectangles) to find your way from entrance to exit, as you would a maze. Just when you think you've figured out the basics, Kimball throws in a new twist: multiple entrances where you have to figure out which is the correct one, larger and more challenging grids, and even a bonus section with encrypted clues. The first puzzles are simple enough to hook anyone, but by the end of the book, even seasoned solvers will have found some challenges along the way. There is something for everyone here. The introduction and explanation of the puzzles, including sample solving strategies, is thorough and clear. The section headings contain quotations about paths and mazes. It's not something you see in a typical puzzle book and it adds to the richness of the whole experience. This book is a great gift for puzzle-solvers. Just be prepared for some late nights, because this book is, as the cover says, hard to put down.

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ISBN: 9780578467092
ISBN-10: 0578467097
Publisher: Enigami Puzzles & Games
Publication Date: March 1st, 2019
Pages: 174
Language: English