Hey, Cancer! It's My Birthday Again (Paperback)

Hey, Cancer! It's My Birthday Again By Jr. Cuevas, Rafael Cover Image
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Have you been told that God does not exist? Maybe you think that He's not real? That miracles are not authentic, or perhaps they were only part of the past, and today they have disappeared?

With the dream of being a great preacher, Nuni was confronted with terminal cancer. With a diagnosis of just six months of life, that disease threatened his hope of spreading the Gospel. Cancer wanted to facilitate death; however, it only succeeded in proving once again that all who have known Jesus are overcomers. We exist to be living proof, capable of impacting the world in a way superior to a powerful sermon. Everything we experience outside of an altar, without a microphone or an audience, turns us into open letters announcing that the God of the Bible is real and continues to write miraculous stories throughout our lives. I invite you to know the Gospel according to (Nuni).

Warning This multi-dimensional book deals with much more than a single miracle. The supernatural healing that it imparts goes beyond cancer, encapsulating all kinds of ailments, without exception. It also contains crucial topics such as family ties, relationships, and life purpose, causing an increase in faith regardless of the level at which you currently find yourself. Get ready to celebrate, cry, laugh and grow. Let's begin this miraculous journey.

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ISBN: 9780578514888
ISBN-10: 0578514885
Publisher: New Vision Publishing House
Publication Date: October 19th, 2021
Pages: 296
Language: English