The Truth About The Pre-Trib Rapture: "Debunking The Devil's Lie" (Paperback)

The Truth About The Pre-Trib Rapture:
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There are several reasons why I wrote this book. The first being the unction of God. I remember being in numerous classes and learning about the three different views on the Rapture. I pondered, would God have us to teach three different views as truth knowing that there is only one true view?

As I continued my research, I began to find discrepancies in each one these views which pushed me to examine all of them under intense scrutiny. I would hear The Holy Spirit asking me questions regarding the arguments and text used in these views. This would lead me to ask even more questions of other texts; which eventually lead me to looking at how each word was used in the text and to explore the different nuances of how each word would apply to the text in context to the writer.

In closing, the major components of the pre-tribulation argument will be disassembled in a step-by-step study. Evidence will demonstrate that there is only one possible message that God wanted the Church to receive and that His servant Paul did an excellent job in conveying the message: We as believers should study to show ourselves approved and to thoroughly check behind any and all teachers verifying that what they say is accurate to the letter. GOD bless you all.

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