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"We are writing with some fabulous news ICE has been named the Winner in the ACTION/ADVENTURE category of the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Congratulations " Next Generation Indie Book Awards Leah Andrews stumbles upon something inexplicable in southwestern New Mexico: inside a dark cavern lies an undiscovered, Native American cliff dwelling abandoned for 800 years. While twisting through one of the narrow underground passageways, Leah's flashlight illuminates the remains of a violent massacre. Ancient human remains-all slaughtered in a long-ago massacre-cover the cavern floor, along with a number of brilliantly colored, granite crystals. The rare crystals are native to only one place on earth: a frozen mountain range in central Antarctica. Could Native Americans have traveled to the frozen continent of Antarctica 800 years prior to the first known human exploration? If so how? And why?There's only one person who can get Leah to those mountains in Antarctica: her estranged husband and climbing guide Jack Hobson. At their destination they make a stunning discovery that will change history and science forever. But Leah's team is far from the only interested party. As her secret makes its way to the highest levels of government, a race to seize the Russian-claimed Antarctic territory brings the world to the brink of nuclear conflict. Edition with edits, updates and two chapters of ICE GENESIS.READ Two Chapters of the ICE sequel, ICE GENESIS, at http: //

About the Author

Kevin Tinto is based in Tiburon and Lake Tahoe, California. He has written for the San Francisco Chronicle, Reno Gazette Journal, Bike Transamerica, Scuba Diver Magazine and more. He is an avid Mountaineer, Skier, Scuba and Free Diver, Private Pilot and Adventurer. He is a Level II Certified Ski Instructor and you can often find him teaching at Northstar, California, when not testing the Palisades at Squaw Valley. He also owns and is Editor-In-Chief of with more than 50,000 subscribers. He is currently writing book 2 of the Leah and Jack series: ICE GENESIS
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ISBN: 9780692406373
ISBN-10: 0692406379
Publisher: Three Dog Publishing
Publication Date: September 8th, 2015
Pages: 460
Language: English