The Foursome: A Novel (Paperback)

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Golf fiction’s finest hustler—The Green's Eddie Caminetti—returns in a laugh-out-loud novel featuring a foursome of upwardly mobile golf fanatics who get their just rewards.

Tired of hustling for something as ordinary as money, Eddie Caminetti sets his sights slightly higher than other men's pockets: he goes after their souls. He now presides over Swithen Bairn, an exquisite secret golf course that’s a kind of twisted Fantasy Island where the arrogant and pompous find their cherished dreams suddenly transformed into their worst nightmares. When four enviably successful business/golf junkies are lured to Swithen Bairn by an irresistible offer— "the most memorable golf vacation you ever had or you don't pay" —the old adage that you can learn more about people during one round of golf than you can by living next door to them for six months comes hilariously and powerfully true.

Mixing equal parts of suspense, hilarity, and raw human drama, Troon McAllister deftly shows readers what can happen when money, friendship, ambition, and greed converge explosively in a single round of golf.

About the Author

Troon McAllister lives in Southern California and is the author of The Green, now available from Main Street trade paperbacks. His handicap is still considered a federal disaster area.

Praise For…

?The perfect book for those who love golf.?

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ISBN: 9780767905725
ISBN-10: 0767905725
Publisher: Crown
Publication Date: April 17th, 2001
Pages: 320
Language: English