Tractrix (Paperback)

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When aerospace engineer and recent widower Frank Morton wins an $86 million lottery jackpot, he decides to retire and devote his time to a life-long interest in ancient mysteries. Coincidently, an old Viet Nam buddy shows up with a mysterious black sphere inscribed with what appear to be Maya hieroglyphics. Intrigued, Frank convinces his buddy and two other friends, an anthropologist and a newspaper researcher, to help him investigate the origin and purpose of the sphere. Their search takes Frank and his friends on a journey from Seattle to the secret military installations of Nevada and on to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Along the way, they become involved in a murder investigation and attract the unwanted attention of government agents, Mexican Federales and an ancient Maya priest. They also stumble across a three thousand year old secret that suggests a possible link between the shamans of Mesoamerica and a race of alien explorers.
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ISBN: 9780977910908
ISBN-10: 0977910903
Publisher: Nwidi Press
Publication Date: June 5th, 2006
Pages: 332
Language: English