Invisible Cloak - Know Thyself! The Woven Thought Design (Paperback)

Invisible Cloak - Know Thyself! The Woven Thought Design By Ute Sonja Medley Cover Image
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What is all the buzz about numerology? Mission of this book is to awaken the reader to a concept that most likely pertains to us all. Important discoveries occur when recognizing a repeating pattern. This book demonstrates a repeating pattern in the lives of renowned personalities and shows the connecting links to their actual life experiences. In addition, this book shows the correlation between metaphysical attributes of numbers and corresponding manifested matter, the chemical elements with their unique properties and chemical reactions. As a result of having different quantities of protons, neutrons, and electrons in their atoms, the chemical elements distinguish themselves through their specific chemical and physical properties. The author postulates that due to their unique properties the chemical elements themselves actually reveal the number's metaphysical connotation. Nature itself always reveals its principles; the physical sphere is a reflection of the metaphysical realm. As nature reveals a number pattern responsible for the created Universe (the chemical elements and their reactions are orderly constructed on the basis of numbers), so a number pattern exists in the spiritual realm that manifests itself in the physical realm - as above, so below.
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ISBN: 9780981542300
ISBN-10: 0981542301
Publisher: Sum Universal Press
Publication Date: October 1st, 2007
Pages: 168
Language: English