For That One Day: The Memoirs of Mitsuo Fuchida, the Commander of the Attack on Pearl Harbor (Paperback)

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This 2020 update covers the well-known narrative of Peggy Covell's role in Mitsuo Fuchida's conversion to Christianity. The conclusion will surprise you. PEGGY COVELL NEVER MET A JAPANESE POW.

On December 7, 1941, Commander Fuchida plunged Japan into war with the United States when he led the attack on Pearl Harbor. His autobiography was "discovered" in 2007 in his son's basement library in New Jersey, nearly 66 years after the event that changed the world. This Imperial Japanese Navy officer was also at the Battle of Midway and the Battle of Leyte Gulf and in Hiroshima the day before and the day after the atomic bomb was dropped. Through a chance encounter in Tokyo, he converted to Christianity, and his first testimony in the US was with Billy Graham. During his travels through the US, he met ex-President Truman, President Eisenhower, and many of his former military foes--Nimitz, Halsey, Doolittle, Spruance.He tells a fascinating story of his life in war, peace and religious transformation. Daniel Martinez, Chief Historian at the Pearl Harbor National Monument, states that, "Mitsuo Fuchida is a remarkable man." Among Pacific War enthusiasts, it is well known that there are a number of "disagreements" and "disputes" surrounding what actually happened at Pearl Harbor and Midway and, in Japan, in the days leading up to the surrender ceremony on the USS Missouri. In his autobiography, Japan's top aviator gives his perspective as an enemy and how, after total defeat and occupation of his country, he embraced America as a friend. The research effort for this book covered over 10,000 pages of related published materials and archived documents. The key points have been summarized in "The Attack on Pearl Harbor--101 Lesser Known Facts", available on

Please watch this short video: MITSUO FUCHIDA INTERVIEW WITH MERV GRIFFIN (1965)

About the Author

Doug Shinsato is a Japanese-American who spent a major part of his business career in Japan. He has an MBA from the University of Southern California and a JD from Stanford Law School. As a "hobbyist historian," he co-translated the autobiography of Mitsuo Fuchida, leader of the Imperial Japanese Navy's attack on Pearl Harbor. He has also worked on the translation into Japanese of Elaine Fischel's Defending the Enemy: Justice for the WWII Japanese War Criminals. He recently published 101 Lesser Known Facts Related to the Attack on Pearl Harbor. Doug is an executive with a technology firm that focuses on renewable energy, aquaponics and telemedicine. He is also an advisor to Heyou Media, a mobile-first web drama production company founded by the actor, Tom Skerritt, and the independent film producer, Larry Estes. He serves on the international advisory board of Via Venture Partners, a technology investment firm based in Europe. He has appeared on CNN, BBC, MSNBC, and South Africa Broadcasting.
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