Next History: The Girl Who Hacked Tomorrow (Paperback)

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By Lee Baldwin (Editor), Lee Baldwin (Illustrator)
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Really worth reading

If you can imagine reading Neal Stephenson - before anyone much had heard of him - and mix it with Good Omens, this might be that novel. Megan on Amazon

After 4300 years of patriarchal rule and suppression of the Feminine Divine, Earth spirals uncontrolled into chaos and depravity. When a young woman tries to contact her departed mother, she conjures a supernal entity bent on her destruction.

Terrified, she is imprisoned at the heart of the U.S. Pentagon with an invincible shape-shifter. They must make a bargain, and he's such an interesting talker, she's learning how reality operates.

But this presence unleashes hidden desires from everyone on Earth, precipitating a nightmare dive into hellish darkness.

Matching wits with him, Tharcia's bargain pivots on a wish that will redirect all future history. With so many lives at stake, the outcome cannot be for her alone.

A sizzling romantic thriller with themes of cyberpunk science fiction, a dystopian fantasy epic from the heart of hope.

About the Author

I am a novelist in Ashland, Oregon. I have waited 25 years to say that, through a half-dozen careers including my own creative copy writing agency in Vancouver, B.C. and Hawaii, operating an advertising business in Honolulu, and 17 years as a human interface designer in Silicon Valley. It was worth it. My characters often have a quirky edge, because I see human foibles as launch points of dramatic conflict. That and my musical ear help me shape dialog and narrative into rhythms of dramatic reveal, turning points, and cadences. Escape fiction usually satisfies the reader's hunger for vicarious experience. You know, the cool stuff. Such as glamorous adventure, epic situations, sex and romance, and overcoming real or personal obstacles. I get fiendish pleasure whenever I can spice these situations with wry humor. Some of my work, "Next History" in particular, I wrote so that people would gain hope, in a way, or at least think about fundamental questions of human purpose in a new light. Anytime someone gains something from my books, that fulfills my purpose. Baldwin-Books.Com has the full skinny on my titles.
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ISBN: 9780985477745
ISBN-10: 0985477741
Publisher: Lee Baldwin
Publication Date: July 30th, 2014
Pages: 380
Language: English