Small Fish Big Fish: A Coming of Age Novel (Paperback)

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Jamie is searching for meaning to his life.

He's seventeen and can't figure out where he fits in, or what his future might hold, but he hopes one day to meet someone he can share his ideas with, his doubts, and his dreams. Then again, he's very shy, and the girls in this neighborhood aren't his type.Jamie lives in a part of town where graffiti is splashed on walls, not as folk-art, but as an expression of anger by those unlucky enough to live there. Until now, though, he's managed to fly under the radar of the local gangs.

When he spots some money lying on the floor of the grocers, Jamie stuffs it into his pocket and heads to the fairground to have some fun. What happens next sends the teenager's normally well-ordered life spinning out of control, and he finds himself on a pathway of escalating crime, driven by his own naivete and fear of next-door neighbor, Archie.

Small Fish Big Fish is a powerful coming of age novel, a psychological thriller about teen violence and bullying, and a moving story of family and young romance.

Adults and older teenagers will love the authentic 20th century setting, the drama, and the suspense brought to life by PJ McDermott's gritty biographical fiction.

What Readers Say

'I found myself unable to put it down after the first twenty pages.'

'Every young person wants to know they're not alone. We are all "Jamie" at some stage in our lives, lost, confused, trying to fit in, struggling to come to grips with our lives and who we are. This book does this flawlessly.'

'A wonderful story that all young people can relate to. It takes an age-old battle and puts it splendidly into words that many will appreciate. I could not believe the climax.'

'Reminds me of Frank McCourt's biography of his life growing up in Ireland.'

'A fantastic story and a great read.'

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Product Details
ISBN: 9780994554499
ISBN-10: 0994554494
Publisher: Patrickmcdermott
Publication Date: April 20th, 2015
Pages: 296
Language: English