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Edward Harold Spender (22 June 1864 - 15 April 1926), was a British Liberal Party politician, author, journalist and lecturer. He was educated at Bath College where he was Head Boy from 1882-83. Harold was a friend of David Lloyd George, with whom he went hiking, and travelled to Germany. He was on the staff of the Echo from 1887-89. He was Lecturer for Oxford University Extension Delegacy from 1889-92. He was on the staff of the Pall Mall Gazette from 1891-93, the Westminster Gazette from 1893-95, the Daily Chronicle from 1895-99, the Manchester Guardian from 1899-1900 and the Daily News from 1900-14. During the war he gave himself up to war savings propaganda, volunteering, and other war activities from 1914-18.
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ISBN: 9781006991141
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Publication Date: December 21st, 2021
Pages: 166
Language: English