Totally Delicious Tortillas Recipes: A Cookbook of Mexican Dishes - SO Much More! (Paperback)

Totally Delicious Tortillas Recipes: A Cookbook of Mexican Dishes - SO Much More! By Barbara Riddle Cover Image
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What kinds of recipes can be made with tortillas?Sure, Mexican recipes like burritos and tacos spring to mind, but there are SO many other types of dishes that can be made with tortillas, and some in this cookbook may surprise you. Mexican dishes would never be the same without the ever-present use of tortillas. Wherever you are, if you eat Mexican food, tortillas are a common ingredient. This cookbook delves into some VERY tasty Mexican recipes, but you'll find recipes from other parts of the world, too, where tortillas are used in different ways. I used to eat tortillas at least twice a week or so, sometimes at fast food joints and sometimes homemade. Tortillas are very versatile and can be easily transformed into all kinds of dishes, with amazing and tasty results. They could be the next superfood Tortillas make great bases for pizza, even though Mexican foods and Italian foods aren't usually on the same taste palette. Add pizza sauce and your favorite toppings and you're good to go. You can also use tortillas as pseudo-bread to make "sandwiches" of a different sort. Stuff a tortilla with all your favorite sandwich fixings and give it a try There are lots of recipes like that in this cookbook, and you'll enjoy learning to use versatile tortillas in all kinds of dishes.
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