A Rake for Juliana (Paperback)

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As if a regal season isn't stressful enough, Juliana is trying to hide the fact that she has lost her memory after a recent carriage accident. She has noticed strange events, including abnormal fights between her uncle and her companion. She knows that something isn't quite right.


Marcus, an infamous rake, is not what he appears to be. Since he was young, Marcus has been trained in the arts of espionage and breaking ciphers. Something seems right, though, when he meets Lady Juliana Hatfield at a ball. Plagued with a sense of deja vu. Marcus starts to ask probing questions about Juliana's parents.

Beauty and the Rake

Juliana and Marcus are swept into a world of secrets, murder, and a lot to end an ancient spy network. Will Juliana's memory return in time to save them? Or will their foe end all they hold dear?

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ISBN: 9781393888055
ISBN-10: 1393888054
Publisher: Jessica a Clements
Publication Date: February 19th, 2021
Pages: 206
Language: English