From Daughter to Woman: Parenting girls safely through their teens (Paperback)

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'A refreshingly healthy take on social media and particularly good on body image' Lorraine Candy, Sunday Times

The teen years are tough - for teens and for parents. Many parents dread the moodiness, dishonesty, preference of friends over family, exam stress, and the push for greater independence. Mothers have a pivotal role to play; this is a guidebook for parents and mothers of girls in particular as they navigate the rocky teenage landscape with their daughters aged 8 to 18. It aims to help them embrace the potential of their child's teenage years by marking this time of growing maturity for girls and celebrating it with them. We celebrate birth, marriage and death, but this important life-transition from child to young adult is nowadays rarely acknowledged within an appropriate community.

With mental health issues in young people on the rise, and social media, reality television and smartphone culture serving to exacerbate these problems, it is no surprise that parents are looking for help in raising their daughters through these tricky years. From Daughter to Woman is the indispensable guide to doing just that.

About the Author

Kim McCabe is the founder of Rites for Girls. As the originator and facilitator of Girls Journeying Together groups, she offers guidance to preteen and teen girls and simultaneous support for their mothers. In training other women to facilitate these groups, her dream is that every girl grows up expecting to be supported and celebrated in adolescence. Kim was commissioned to write a section in Steve Biddulph's latest best-selling book, 10 Things Girls Need Most: To Grow Up Strong and Free.

Kim is a mother of two boys, one girl, two cats and a colony of aloe vera plants; she is wife to a Kiwi, daughter to itinerant parents, friend to a cherished few, and lover of time alone, too. She lives in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex. She sometimes shouts at her children, accidentally steps on the cat's tail and forgets to water the plants, but she loves her work, her family and her life. She has always had deep affinity with teenage girls, and by sharing her wisdom and compassion she infects the reader with her enthusiasm for this life stage.

Praise For…

I am so happy that I discovered this book and it is one I will keep coming back to time and time again.
We all hope for that ultimate parenting handbook, one that will give us all the definitive answers to parenting; if it did exist, From Daughter to Woman would be part of that ultimate parenting handbook.
Kim's tips from managing moods and understanding why girls love to hate their mothers makes the journey in to teen-hood seem a little less daunting. The way she gives real-life examples and case studies, [including] some quite extreme examples makes you feel less alone on this journey. The real-life experiences within the book help you to take a good look at yourself as a parent and encourage you to change your parenting style to improve your relationship with your child, and, more importantly, helps your child navigate the world they are about to be flung into

Obscurity of Life (blog)

An amazing book . . . We can get better at parenting day by day, and there are great clues in this book as to how to do just that—Kate on Thin Ice

Fascinating . . . I found [From Daughter to Woman] insightful, without any preachiness. I was reassured from the outset ... this book has helped boost my confidence that I am doing a good job to help [my daughter]. I can now just enjoy the journey, with a reference to the book now and again—Zoé, Zooloo's Book Blog

I certainly didn't expect to find it so hard to put down . . . such an enlightening read - and I know it's a book I'll be returning to frequently in the very near future—Lisa McLachlan, Lisa's Notebook

I love it when a wise voice gently reminds and teaches me about that which is truly essential. From Daughter to Woman is one of these voices. In a truly feminine style, Kim combines intellectual brilliance, intuitive wisdom, gentleness and love to produce a guide that not only explains how it is for our teenage girls, but empowers us to meet their needs as they grow up in a materialistic world that is full of confusing messages; a world that is increasingly overwhelming them with innumerable pressures and mounting stress. We, the adults, can help our girls to become the authentic, free and passionate women that our society needs. From Daughter to Woman is an indispensable tool in this most valuable process.—Patricia Patterson-Vanegas, founder and former editor of Juno Magazine

I wish this book had been available when I was growing up—Anna Comino-James, founder trustee Potential Trust

In From Daughter to Woman Kim McCabe invites us as mothers to develop a different relationship with our daughters, one that takes us on a journey into our own womanhood as well as as that of our beautiful daughters. It challenges modern notions of difficult teens and supports us to develop deep and lasting relationships based on respect for the emerging woman we have birthed into the world. This book is a teacher, guide, and companion through a period in our daughters lives which can be easy to dread. McCabe shows us how to embrace, enjoy and most of all celebrate it—Mairi Stones

Kim's work puts something back that should never have been taken away. But it also goes to new places in the modern, feminist uprising to both nurture and arm young women for taking back their world—Steve Biddulph, bestselling author of 10 Things Girls Need Most and Raising Girls

One of the things I like about this book is that it isn't patronising. It's well-written, mentions some taboo subjects clearly and in a matter of fact way, and doesn't come across as judgmental either. Some parenting books can leave you feeling like the worse parent ever but never once did I feel that whilst reading this—Life in Rose-tinted Glasses

With warmth, compassion and humour, From Daughter to Woman offers guidance and encouragement to women of all ages in one of the most important journeys of their lifetime—Andrew Graham

[Kim McCabe] has a refreshingly healthy take on social media and is particularly good on body image—Lorraine Candy, Sunday Times

[Kim's] book will sit on my shelf with the few books I keep to reread every now and then . . . I love having children, but I've been dreading the teen years. I have such a different attitude now and feel that, although it won't be easy, I can enter these years a bit more confidently and, dare I say, joyfully.—Cara Bishop
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