Spiritual Hypnotherapy Scripts: for Body, Mind, and Spirit (Paperback)

Spiritual Hypnotherapy Scripts: for Body, Mind, and Spirit By Holly S. Holmes-Meredith Cover Image
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Spiritual Hypnotherapy Scripts provides access to the quantum field of consciousness, the spiritual realm from which all healing flows. Learn how spiritual hypnotherapy and working directly with the client's higher Self can deepen and expand the healing process. Dr. Holmes-Meredith presents her approach to teaching and working with hypnotherapy with ten Taoist precepts taught through the ancient Taoist text the Tao Te Ching. Also included are interviews with six of her hypnotherapy graduates who share how working with a spiritual approach to hypnotherapy not only supports profound transformation in their clients, but also supports their own on-going healing and evolution of consciousness. These hypnotherapy scripts include empowering and open-ended language patterns and transformational approaches for presenting issues related to the body, mind and spirit. Unlike most published hypnosis scripts, these hypnotherapy scripts use therapeutic processes that allow the hypnotherapist and client to personalize the trance experience by following the client in an interactive way. The client will engage in a direct relationship with his higher Self as an inner resource and guide throughout the trance experience. The fifty-two hypnotherapy scripts and a script for teaching the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) are proven approaches Dr. Holmes-Meredith teaches hypnotherapists at HCH Institute and uses in her private practice.

About the Author

Dr. Holmes-Meredith's teaching and therapy practice is grounded in four decades of teaching, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and metaphysics. She teaches with an engaging experstise, ease and competence that builds professional skill and confidence in her students. Holly integrates a psycho-spiritual perspective in her teaching, models client empowerment and practices hypnotherapy as an art. In the last fifteen years she began studying and adding hands on healing and energy therapies to her work including Reiki and EFT. Holly has a private psychotherapy and hypnotherapy practice on site at HCH at the Transformational Therapy Center which she founded in 1986. She is specializes in regression therapy, pain management, working with phobias, anxiety, and spiritual issues. This book is the result of her journey as a client, student, teacher and practitioner of transpersonal hypnotherapy.
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