Microscopy As A Hobby. A 21st Century Quick Start Guide (Paperback)

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Finally, an amateur microscopy book up-to-date with our modern world to introduce children, teenagers, and adults to a fantastic hobby and pastime. Learn how to buy a microscope, how to use it, what to look at, how to photograph & video what you find. The author founded one of the most established Hobby Microscopy sites on the web. Here is a book which exceeds the vision of other microscopy books for newbies and young people. Clear practical guide to everything you need to get started at any age. And if you are a teenager or older person wanting to get started, a whole section (half the book) brings the hobby into the digital age. The cobwebs covering older microscopy books are swept away as this book barges through and connects the pastime and pursuit of amateur microscopy in the past to the digital age of today. Learn how to make professional looking microscopy videos or take huge image photographs using budget microscopes and limited resources. Make stunning 3D images of microscopic creatures and plants or macro 3D images of insects. Not only a practical guide to the hobby today but an inspirational guide to help new people taking up the hobby use new techniques, materials, and safe methods to make their own slides and share their discoveries with others across the worldwide web.
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ISBN: 9781500301651
ISBN-10: 1500301655
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2014
Pages: 144
Language: English