Examining TSA's Management of the Screening Partnership Program (Paperback)

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The long-term success of TSA's Screening Partnership Program is a priority for many Members of Congress and stakeholders around the country who understand the private sector is highly capable of providing efficient and effective screening services. Unfortunately, TSA's actions over the last few years seem to demonstrate that it does not share this goal. This hearing is an opportunity to examine the problems that currently exist with the program and encourage TSA to take steps to enable more airports to choose private-sector screening. This does not mean airports that participate in SPP are opting out of robust Federal oversight and regulations, which were severely lacking before 9/11. It means opting to use qualified private vendors to carry out day-to-day screening functions, which lets TSA concentrate on setting and enforcing security standards. Eighteen domestic airports currently participate in SPP. The law requires that contract screeners meet the same qualifications and receive commensurate pay and benefits to their Federal counterparts. SPP is a voluntary program, and airports must apply to participate. Under the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, unless an airport's participation in SPP would hurt security or drive up costs, TSA must approve all new applications.
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