Army Techniques Publication ATP 3-39.20 Police Intelligence Operations April 2015 (Paperback)

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This publication, Army Techniques Publication ATP 3-39.20 Police Intelligence Operations, builds on the experiences of military police and USACIDC forces over the past decade of conflict. The lessons learned from these and other experiences serve as invaluable tools to expand the understanding, appreciation, and complete application of PIO as an integrated function of the Military Police Corps Regiment that supports activities of decisive action. PIO is not solely applicable to law enforcement and criminal investigations. PIO encompasses the continuous analyses and production by military police and USACIDC personnel; information collected by military police, USACIDC, and others; and subsequent dissemination of police information and police intelligence (as appropriate) to police agencies, other military units, and the Army intelligence community. Soldiers conducting military police activities (in any of the three disciplines) collect police information for further analysis. This publication is organized into five chapters and three appendixes that provide additional detail on selected topics. The following is a brief description of each chapter and appendix: -Chapter 1 describes the framework of PIO and how it is integrated into the three military police disciplines. -Chapter 2 provides information on how PIO feeds the operations process and the intelligence process. -Chapter 3 describes sources of police information used to support analysis. -Chapter 4 focuses on the analysis of police information. This chapter discusses the critical thinking and predictive analysis techniques applied by trained police intelligence analysts to support the formation of a holistic common operational picture and continuously feed the operations process. -Chapter 5 discusses the production of police intelligence products. This chapter provides a brief description of some of the more common products that may be produced by the military police or USACIDC personnel and their associated analysts. The chapter also discusses police intelligence networks. -Appendix A addresses applicable laws, regulations, and directives most relevant to the PIO collection efforts. Additionally, it provides a summary of each document (with respect to its relevancy and applicability to the PIO function) and its restrictions and previsions to Army law enforcement and the conduct of PIO. -Appendix B provides information on briefing and debriefing requirements in support of PIO. -Appendix C identifies initiatives used by other agencies in an effort to facilitate necessary interaction and the timely exchange of police information and police intelligence.
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