International Parental Child Abduction (Paperback)

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Each year over a thousand children are abducted from American homes and taken to a foreign country. Too often, they are permanently out of reach of U.S. law and are never returned. It was David Goldman's extraordinary 5-year battle to bring his son, Sean, home from Brazil that helped highlight the horrendous problem of international parental child abduction. Far too many parents have waited far too long for the return of an abducted child and Mr. Goldman has helped focus the world's attention on the heartbreak of child abduction. The U.S. Senate ratified the Hague Abduction Convention in 1980 to create a civil framework for the quick return of abducted children. In countries that are a part of the Hague Convention, 73 percent of abducted children are returned. But if a child is abducted to a country that does not participate in the Convention, the rate of return of children is 27 percent.
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