Dalail-ul-Khairat: Guide of good deeds (Paperback)

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The book was written by the great scholar author on experiencing the miraculous powers of a "darood"- blessings showered on Prophet Muhammad (PBH), that was recited by a young girl and blown on a well resulting in water gushing forth from the well and the surprised author performed his ablutions for his prayers, the time of which was running out.

About the Author

Abu Abdullah Muhammad son of Sulaiman son of Abu Bakr Al-Jazuli Al-Simlali was a descendant of Prophet Muhammad (PBH). He belonged to Berber tribe of Jazula that settled in Sus area of Morocco which lies between the Atlantic ocean and Atlas mountains. He passed away between the years 869-873 AH as soon as he offered an obligatory prayer. In the Encyclopedia of Islam 1957 Leiden, it is reported that 77 years after his death his body was exhumed for reburial in Marakash and that his body had not decomposed.
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