Homemade Pizza: 15 Tasty And Fast No-Knead Spectacular Pizza Recipes (Paperback)

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Homemade Pizza: (FREE Bonus Included) 15 Tasty And Fast No-Knead Spectacular Pizza Recipes

Pizza is delicious There are very few people who would be able to dispute this statement. The best pizzas are usually perceived to be those which are bought from and eaten in a proper pizzeria. The next best are usually seen as the takeaway options; the ones which are generally a little more unhealthy but delicious. However, even the humble, homemade pizza can taste fantastic; much of the flavor actually comes from making the dough properly. The best dough is made at least a day before you need it; this does not necessarily suit most people in the fast paced, modern world. However, with a little planning you can easily be creating spectacular pizzas which are healthy and cheaper than the alternatives and taste just as good. In fact, as they are fully customizable they can taste even better than the professional ones

This book looks at how to make the best dough without kneading the mixture; which can be time consuming and difficult, it covers the following topics:

  • A brief history of the pizza and its surprising peasant roots.
  • Five ways in which you can create the perfect dough without the need to knead. Even better, one of these methods does not even require yeast and can be ready to eat the same evening
  • Seven alternative bases which can be easily created and create delicious, unique pizzas.
  • Finally, three important methods to ensure your knead free pizza has the best possible flavor and inspires you to make more

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