Backgammon for Winners, 1 (Paperback)

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The classic by the world's best backgammon player shows beginners how to play and win at this great game.

This classic (more than 100,000 copies sold) features strategies, examples, and diagrams to illustrate backgammon's important concepts and how beginning players can not only learn the game but immediately leapfrog over their competitors and become immediate-level players. The world's best player provides easy-to-understand advice on the basics of playing--how to set up a board, how to move, the opening strategies and replies, essential middle and end game tactics, the basic probabilities, plus back game and doubling strategies. Two full sample games with move-by-move insights illustrate the winning concepts of play at all stages of the game. A great first book for beginning and somewhat experienced players.

About the Author

Bill Robertie, author of seven backgammon books, is the world's best backgammon player and the only two-time Monte Carlo World Championship. He was the former editor and co-publisher of Inside Backgammon, the game's foremost backgammon magazine.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781580423434
ISBN-10: 1580423434
Publisher: Cardoza Publishing
Publication Date: June 20th, 2017
Pages: 192
Language: English