Walking Distance: Pilgrimage, Parenthood, Grief, and Home Repairs (Paperback)

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In the summer of 2000, David Hlavsa and his wife Lisa Holtby embarked on a pilgrimage. After trying for three years to conceive a child and suffering through the monthly cycle of hope and disappointment, they decided to walk the Camino de Santiago, a joint enterprise and an act of faith they hoped would strengthen their marriage and prepare them for parenthood.
Though walking more than 400 miles across the north of Spain turned out to be more difficult than they had anticipated, after a series of misadventures, including a brief stay in a Spanish hospital, they arrived in Santiago. Shortly after their return to Seattle, Lisa became pregnant, and the hardships of the Camino were no comparison to what followed: the stillbirth of their first son and Lisa's harrowing second pregnancy.
"Walking Distance "is a moving and disarmingly funny book, a good story with a happy ending the safe arrival of David and Lisa's second son, Benjamin. David and Lisa get more than they bargained for, but they also get exactly what they wanted: a child, a solid marriage, and a richer life.

About the Author

David Hlavsa heads the Theatre Arts Program at Saint Martin s University, where he has been teaching acting, directing, and playwriting since 1989."
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ISBN: 9781611861860
ISBN-10: 1611861861
Publisher: Michigan State University Press
Publication Date: August 1st, 2015
Pages: 136
Language: English