A Brief Commentary on the Book of Revelation: A study designed especially for Seniors (Paperback)

A Brief Commentary on the Book of Revelation: A study designed especially for Seniors By Sr. Harrison, Ph. D. Daniel N. Cover Image
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In these urgent times, the study of bible prophecy, and especially the Book of Revelation, is key to understanding the last days. As Christians, it is important for us to know the full measure of the ministry of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It began in the Book of Genesis, where the Lord God determined that we needed a Redeemer to bring us back to right standing with Him, in the beauty of holiness. That is, to have the same fellowship Adam and Eve had with God before their original sin of disobedience. His ministry ends in the Book of Revelation where He brings all believing mankind to "That beautiful city whose builder and maker is God." But those who turn away from Him--the unbelievers, corrupt, murderers, idol worshippers, --Rev 21:8, will find their place in the lake of fire. Along the way, the last seven years of this earth which includes the "Great Tribulation" and the redemption of the Jewish remnant, are described. Dr Daniel N. Harrison, Sr. was born in New Orleans, La. He is the fourth child of Albert and Minnie Harrison, who were dedicated members of the Divine Mission of God Church. The pastor, Dr Joseph St Martin, had a wonderful healing ministry which drew people from various parts of the country. In was in Dr Martin's Saturday Morning Children's Church Service where young Daniel first developed curiosity about the Book of Revelation. As a mature Christian, he felt a desire to delve deep into the Apocalypse, especially since he found many fellow Christians did not attempt to read or understand this great book of prophecy.

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