Gasification: Diverse Aspects and Applications (Hardcover)

Gasification: Diverse Aspects and Applications Cover Image
By Kevin Elmer (Editor)
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The diverse aspects as well as applications of gasification are explained in this elucidative book. Many books have been written on gasification but the applications and usage of these theories has not been given much regard. Therefore, this book illustrates the functioning of gasification in the practical situations. Gasification is a process of changing coal, biomass and wastes into high-quality products. Since renewable energy is not omnipresent till date and it will take at least two more decades to provide more affordable energy to a majority of population, gasification can act as a mediating process during this span by giving us clean liquid fuels, gas, and chemicals from low grade products. Even though gasification can be our future, it still requires many developments and recognition on the technical front, because it is still confined to a limited market and has not made any impact in the global market of electricity generation, chemicals, and liquid fuels that are generated from comparatively inexpensive biomaterials. This book provides valuable insight to the readers about current situation and motivates them to research and develop new techniques in the domain of gasification.
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ISBN: 9781632402479
ISBN-10: 1632402475
Publisher: Clanrye International
Publication Date: March 10th, 2015
Pages: 352
Language: English