Propaganda Prisons: Breaking The Bars (Paperback)

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This book discusses the identification, spread, and countermeasures for propaganda presented through technology and in many other aspects of our daily lives.

Social media makes it easy for individuals to create or disseminate propaganda. Media platforms do not encourage independent judgment. They do not present a variety of viewpoints that allow the viewer to investigate all perspectives. Instead, the propagandist, through various methods, uses facts and information selectively, transmitting only those ideas that help accomplish their goal.

Our country is in a crisis with respect to democracy and social change. Much of the information we receive through technology, media, educational institutions, and advertising is presented in such a way as to steer our thought processes in a direction that limits free thinking, alternate perspectives, and factual conclusions. Violence and propaganda are slowly becoming an integrated phenomenon and is being magnified by the use of technology. People are no longer using their minds to fight back. We are in danger of transforming our nation through a deception of acceptance.

Is this behavior an indication of the direction our society is moving toward with respect to the communication of information? This book was inspired by a belief that media and technology have lost their way in the reporting of factual news. Information is now disseminated with a healthy dose of opinion. The ability to distinguish news from opinion and propaganda becomes particularly important when the audience becomes immersed in social, cultural, or political causes.

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ISBN: 9781638143482
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Publisher: Covenant Books
Publication Date: June 27th, 2021
Pages: 276
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