The Gatekeeper: What God Created the Man to Be (Paperback)

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"Why did God tell Adam to not only tend the Garden of Eden but to protect it?

Why would Adam need to protect sinless perfection, and from what?

The Gatekeeper unfolds the clear and specific reason the creator God put the male species on plant Earth. The mystery of a man's eternal purpose in this life is explained - from the Scriptures, not the author's opinion.

The "Why am I here" question is answered for every husband, father, fianc , grandfather in a blend of biblical analysis and personal humor. What a man does is driven by why he was born - to function as the "Gatekeeper" of his family. This read will paint a clear picture and challenge men at their core. Once challenged, dear reader, you will take a unique journey into the portrait of a real Gatekeeper, his worldview, his assets, and his greatest enemies.

So, who benefits from such a quest? The husband, the wife, who longs for covering and peace. The young man, who wants to know who he really is. The young woman who wants to find the "right one." The grandparents, who want to know how to effectively support and pray for their son, or son-in-law.

Nobody raises the bar like Jesus. And nobody inspires and empowers us to reach it like Jesus Think about it - would God create a man to be something that he didn't equip him to be? Everything is in a man's spiritual "DNA". This unusual book will unlock it, it's a journey like no other."

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ISBN: 9781639611522
ISBN-10: 1639611525
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: September 30th, 2021
Pages: 148
Language: English