The Jewish Question: History of a Marxist Debate (Historical Materialism) (Paperback)

The Jewish Question: History of a Marxist Debate (Historical Materialism) By Enzo Traverso Cover Image
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For figures ranging from Karl Marx to the luminaries of the Frankfurt School, the 'Jewish Question' -- a set of problems related to emancipation and anti-Semitism, cultural assimilation and Zionism -- raised significant controversies within Marxist theory. Renowned scholar Enzo Traverso carefully reconstructs this intellectual debate that runs over more than a century, discussing both its generative aspects and its blind alleys. In The Jewish Question: History of a Marxist Debate, Traverso explores the causes and the forms of the encounter that took place, from the middle of the nineteenth century to the Holocaust, between the intelligentsia of a cosmopolitan minority and the most radical ideological current of Western modernity.

This is the second edition, completely rewritten and updated, of a book already translated into many languages (originally published in French, then translated into English, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Turkish).

About the Author

Enzo Traverso (1957) is Susan and Barton Winokur Professor in the Humanities at Cornell University. He has taught in different countries and published many books, translated into a dozen languages, among which are Fire and Blood: The European Civil War (Verso, 2016) and Left-Wing Melancholia (Columbia University Press, 2017).
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Publication Date: October 29th, 2019
Pages: 264
Language: English
Series: Historical Materialism