Heart Attack: A Baseball Fantasy (Paperback)

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John McCord's last chance to win a championship is fading away as his Rockets play sub 500 ball for the first two months of the baseball season. The team has a powerful lineup, yet they cannot win with any consistency due to their lack of pitching.

John's grandson is saved in a near-miss car accident when a stranger risks his own life before disappearing from the scene. John searches and finally finds the stranger, Brian Shane. He offers to do anything to thank him for saving his grandson, but all of John's suggestions are rejected by Brian. Brian then states the one thing that he will accept, a chance to pitch for the Rockets.

John realizes this middle-aged man with no baseball experience has no chance of helping his team win, but the thought of finally repaying him is overwhelming. He agrees on a one-dollar contract, where Brian pitches until he loses one game.

Brian quickly gets a nick name, Heart Attack, because he constantly has the fans, his teammates, and their manager on the edge of their seats every time he takes the mound. Margaret, a sportswriter, becomes very fond of Brian and believes he is somehow angelic and threatens to expose him. Brian insists that it's not true and begs her to drop that thought.

The question becomes, Is John repaying Brian, or is it Brian helping the McCords again? Has Brian been sent to save the season by an unknown force, or is luck the defining power, or perhaps something else? Either way, it is the best dollar ever spent.

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ISBN: 9781647017019
ISBN-10: 1647017017
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: May 5th, 2020
Pages: 322
Language: English