So You Think You're Equally Yoked?: Learn to Sustain an Equally Yoked Marriage (Paperback)

So You Think You're Equally Yoked?: Learn to Sustain an Equally Yoked Marriage By Carla Martin Cover Image
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Many ask, what does it mean to be Equally Yoked in marriage? Did I marry the right person? Why isn't my marriage working? Why do so many marriages in the church fail? When you are "Equally Yoked" with your spouse, you can overcome obstacles, negative thoughts, irrational feelings, and Satan's tactics to destroy marriage. How? The answers are inside this thought-provoking book Author Dr. Carla Martin, after twenty years of experience counseling singles and couples, felt it in her heart to write about this significant topic that outlines whether a marriage will succeed, or struggle and possibly fail. Thus, So You Think You're Equally Yoked was birthed offering important practical principles from the Word of God, and relatable experiences to help strengthen your current (or future) marriage. The author shares eye-opening revelation that being "equally yoked" is more than simply marrying a believer. This book contains the "5 C's of Marriage," basic ingredients couples need to guide them in a successful union. These "simple, but not easy" solutions can be applied daily to help transform your marriage. They will equip couples to build a strong marital foundation in God's love. "The Rubies of Wisdom" section provides testimonials from women and men that lend their knowledge to an equally-yoked marriage. The author concludes with a summary of the "5C's" and "Rubies," with clear and precise instruction, guided by wisdom on how to build a strong equally-yoked marriage. Dr. Carla Martin knows firsthand the importance of being in a Kingdom equally-yoked marriage, having endured divorce and experienced dysfunctional relationships. She shares her wisdom that lead to many pitfalls and tragic circumstances. She reveals character traits and patterns of narcissism to beware. After reading this book, you will know the answer to the question: So You Think You're Equally Yoked?
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ISBN: 9781662832604
ISBN-10: 1662832605
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: January 30th, 2022
Pages: 254
Language: English