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ANGELS IN COMBAT BOOTS - A SYNOPSIS In 1802 Thomas Jefferson signed the legislation that established the United States Military Academy at West Point. It was an all-male institution to train and educate officers for the United States Army. That all changed in 1973 when the 93rd Congress passed legislation that would ensure that admission to the service academies would be made without regard to a candidate's sex, race, color, or religious beliefs." Women were coming to West Point They may be able to handle the academics, but they will never be able to handle the physical requirements echoed across the plain. Part of Day 1 processing is a pull-up test. Many of the women struggled, and "I told you so" became the thought of the day. However, when all new cadets were awakened the following morning and reported to physical training, upper-class cadets and tactical officers were shocked when a few of the women could run in the "fast" group. That simply couldn't be...but it was. Running was the one area where both men and women participated shoulder to shoulder on a daily basis, and women with cross country experience could not only run with the average men, they could run with many of the better men. They were instrumental in breaking down those barriers and helping to fully integrate women into the Corps of Cadets. Women did belong...women could handle the physical requirements. In this book you will get to know that first women's cross-country team. You will follow their athletic recruitment, their summer training at Corps Squad Screening, understand the challenges of being among the first women at the academy and see how they handled their first varsity meet. You will understand how they became known as "Charlie's Angels", watch them develop as runners who could initially only handle minimal mileage to the team that became Eastern Champions, finished in the nation's top 10 twice, and even became the first Army women's team to BEAT NAVY...a special stealth competition but a win none-the-less. They were special women and were truly...ANGELS IN COMBAT BOOTS.
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Publication Date: December 9th, 2020
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