The Incarcerated Muslim (Paperback)

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The Incarcerated Muslim is a book that addresses the disparity of African American Muslims racially in America's prison system. As we know there is a disparity racially with African American men and women in America's prison population generally. This book gives a historical background concerning the evolution of Islam in the prison system. All prison administrators through our America should adopt this work as a training tool. It gives a simple and broader insight into the psyche of Muslim prisoners. And corrects many of the misnomers about Islam as a religion and a viable tool for rehabilitation of criminals. While making it very plain that there is no support in Islam for criminal behavior. The first word revealed of Qur'an, was read. That's what "YOU" should do READ

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ISBN: 9781684191208
ISBN-10: 1684191203
Publisher: Jade Media Group
Publication Date: September 5th, 2016
Pages: 30
Language: English