Mysteries of the Book of Revelation: Revealed by the Revealer (Paperback)

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Unsealing the Hidden Truths of the Book of Revelation

I don't know why the mysteries of Revelation were revealed to me, but when I looked up the word in Strong's Concordance, I got an insight into my question. Item 3466, "mysteries," musterion moos-tay-ree-on], in New Testament Greek denotes that which, being outside the range of unassisted natural understanding, can be made known in a matter and at a time appointed by God and only to those who are illumined by His Spirit.

  • There are two raptures and three woes coming.
  • Where's the church in all this?
  • What is the false trinity?
  • There are three different people groups that make it into eternity.

"We truly enjoyed reviewing your commentary on the book of Revelation, and it is something we are interested in, as you create an opportunity for the readers to understand the highlights of Revelation better. This commentary, written in a conversational tone, presents your perspective on the symbolism of various topics and events. We would be happy to partner with you in this kingdom venture "

-Trilogy Publishing

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