How to become a pizza wizard!: step by step illustrated guide to make the very italian pizza (Paperback)

How to become a pizza wizard!: step by step illustrated guide to make the very italian pizza By Giuseppe Giovenco Cover Image
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Do you need an illustrated method, easy and quick to guide you step by step in the preparation of pizza from a to z ?

Then read on ...

The truth is that you don't need to be a great expert to prepare a pizza worthy of the name, you just need to do the right things; it is enough to know how to adopt the right precautions in every phase of processing, otherwise you risk making a heavy, dry or slightly leavened pizza, or you risk ruining everything during the seasoning or cooking.

In fact, it is difficult to avoid all possible errors if you do not know each other and if you do not apply those little secrets that make the difference; the results will be mediocre and in most cases it can be really frustrating to have wasted time and effort unnecessarily.

The important thing to do then to churn out a wonderful pizza is to follow the right directions; if you follow the wrong ones the failure is assured.

But what are the things you absolutely need to know and what will you discover in this book?

  • you will see exactly how to prepare the pizza dough for high digestibility
  • you will know the method for perfect leavening
  • I will reveal my secret method for calculating the exact amount of dough to be used for any tray of any size, both round and rectangular
  • you will find out how to stretch the pizza to perfection without drying the dough
  • I will show you the exact way to season pizza in 2 simple steps
  • you will discover the trick to obtain a perfect cooking thanks to a small but very useful trick
  • and more...

The result is guaranteed

As you can see here there is everything you need to prepare a fantastic pizza, all you have to do is put yourself in action;


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