The Matrix of Consciousness (Paperback)

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By Dean Radin (Contribution by), Stephan Schwartz, Titus Rivas
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Is there a scientific basis for reincarnation? The answer has always been no-until now.

It has long been considered scientific fact that reality creates consciousness. As scientists learn more about the metaphysical nature of the universe, they are beginning to come to the monumental realization that the opposite is true: consciousness, in fact, creates reality.

In The Mathematics of the Science of Reincarnation, author Bob Good uses new studies on consciousness to open the door to the science of reincarnation. Through research and methodology examples, his book provides a mathematical basis for a model of human consciousness that goes beyond physical three-dimensional limitations. The same model explores how this emerging scientific paradigm allows us to go further in explaining reincarnation and consciousness than we ever thought possible.

Most importantly, this book examines new findings about reincarnation in terms of their critical implications for human life-and death.

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ISBN: 9781735118505
ISBN-10: 1735118508
Publisher: Iasor Press
Publication Date: June 24th, 2020
Pages: 316
Language: English