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SHADOW DOLLARS is about what happened in Baltimore, Maryland and other urban areas when officials decided to deceive the federal government and citizens by falsifying block grant reports documenting the expenditure of federal funds. The book describes an ongoing battle to get the city and quasi-public owners to comply with housing codes and the need for a nationwide tracking system for federal funds based on twenty first century technology. It shows how lives have been endangered for decades by failure to correct slum conditions. It also questions the legality of the executive branch actions in shutting down the FBI criminal investigation in Baltimore.

Shopsteading and the National Historic Structures Tax Act have had a positive impact nationwide, but no one wanted to investigate the fraud involving money allocated for redevelopment.

Armed with proof of massive fraud, the book tells how Gypsy Fauls' civil rights were violated at a public hearing she attended to request a city, state, and federal investigation.

SHADOW DOLLARS challenges elected officials to come clean and request amnesty for any criminal acts as part of a swamp rescue bailout agreement with the feds.

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ISBN: 9781735947808
ISBN-10: 1735947806
Publisher: Shadow Dollars LLC
Publication Date: October 26th, 2020
Pages: 124
Language: English