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"Help What do I do with a boy?" Divorced and having been raised in a family of four daughters by her mother and grandmother, Kay was on her own to find the answer. Parts, Pieces & Particulars: A Primer for Single Moms Raising Boys and Single Dads Raising Girls has incubated in Kay's mind for the past twenty years. Having not found a light, yet informative book on the topic, she created Parts, Pieces & Particulars to benefit other single parents raising children of the opposite sex.

Parts, Pieces & Particulars provides easy descriptions on every page-not exhaustive explanations hidden deep within chapters of big, bulky books. From making motor noises to shaving to menstruating, Kay addresses gender issues in a, somewhat, tongue-in-cheek manner. With the help of authoritative experts, including single dads raising daughters, single moms raising sons, a medical consultant, a focus group, a writing group, and not just a few eight- to ten-year-olds, Kay touches on matters from the embarrassing to the mundane.

As an acknowledgement of today's gender fluidity, Kay has included a section to recognize that not all boys or girls identify with traditional gender roles.

Please enjoy Parts, Pieces & Particulars when those daunting questions come to you as they did to Kay, "Help What do I do with a boy?"

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ISBN: 9781736047606
ISBN-10: 1736047604
Publisher: Kadabre Publishing
Publication Date: November 5th, 2020
Pages: 100
Language: English