Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work (Hardcover)

Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work By Melody Wilding, LMSW Cover Image
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Are you a Sensitive Striver? Learn how to get out of your own way and rediscover your sensitivity as a superpower.

___ Highly sensitive and high performing?
___ Need time to think through decisions before you act?
___ Judge yourself harshly when you make mistakes?
___ Take feedback and criticism personally?
___ Find it difficult to set boundaries?

It's time to Trust Yourself. Being highly attuned to your emotions, your environment, and the behavior of others can be the keys to success, but they can also lead to overthinking everything and burnout. Human behavior expert and executive coach Melody Wilding, LMSW has spent the past ten years working with Sensitive Strivers like you. In this groundbreaking book, she draws on decades of research and client work to examine the intersection of sensitivity and achievement in the workplace and offer neuroscience-based strategies you can use to reclaim control of your life and reach your full potential.

Trust Yourself offers concrete steps to help you break free from stress, perfectionism, and self-doubt so you can find the confidence to work and lead effectively. You will learn how to:

Achieve confidence and overcome imposter syndrome.
Find your voice to speak and act with assertiveness.
Build resilience and bounce back from setbacks.
Enjoy your success without sacrificing your well-being.

If you're an empathetic, driven person trying to navigate your career and learn how to believe in yourself in the process, Trust Yourself offers the mindset and tools to set you on the path to personal and professional fulfillment.

The perfect book for:

• Those who identify as highly sensitive
• Anyone who overthinks or struggles with work stress and burnout
•Corporate professionals of all levels
• Managers, leaders, and executives
• Life, career, and leadership coaches

About the Author

Melody Wilding, LSMW is an executive coach for smart, sensitive high-achievers and author of Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work. Recently named one of Business Insider's Most Innovative Coaches for her groundbreaking work on "Sensitive Strivers," her clients include CEOs, C-level executives, and managers at top Fortune 500 companies such as Google, HP, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, IBM, Citibank, JP Morgan, and others. Melody has been featured in the New York Times, O Magazine, NBC News, and spoken at Stanford University, Walmart, Adweek, Burberry and more. She's here to help you break free from self-doubt and imposter syndrome so you can use your sensitivity as the superpower that it is. Melody is a licensed social worker with a Masters degree from Columbia University, and a former researcher at Rutgers University. She is a professor of Human Behavior at Hunter College and is a contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Praise For…

"Invaluable lessons on overcoming impostor syndrome and using more direct communication to increase your confidence. If you've ever felt pushed around or overshadowed by the world's harsher or more ambitious people, you'll love this awesomely helpful book--and you'll never again interpret 'You're too sensitive' as an insult." --Apple Books (Best Books of May 2021)

"Wilding has an important message for high-performing professionals who happen to be highly attuned with their feelings: Don't let your emotions get in the way of your success." --TD Magazine

"Trust Yourself is both an empathetic exploration of the power of sensitivity, specifically in high achievers, and an actionable guide to mastering it." --McKinsey Company

"Groundbreaking and insightful, Trust Yourself is essential reading for every sensitive, introverted professional. Wilding does a brilliant job of giving you tools to regain your confidence and become your most empowered self." -Susan Cain, author of Quiet and creator of Quiet Revolution

"In a world that constantly urges us to be more and do more, many of us wind up feeling never good enough or smart enough. Trust Yourself takes you on a gentle journey of self-discovery and provides the encouragement and tools needed to get out of the rat race and back into the human race. Wilding's is the voice we all need inside of our heads guiding us to make healthier choices for a more fulfilling life." -Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., author of Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

"Every organization, whether aware of it or not, needs highly sensitive people. Some of them, the "sensitive strivers," really belong in an organization. At the top! Or running their own. Trust Yourself is an exquisite roadmap written just for Sensitive Strivers looking to thrive in the workplace." -Dr. Elaine Aron, bestselling author of The Highly Sensitive Person

"Trust Yourself is a practical, empathetic, and refreshingly relatable guide to setting-and honoring-the boundaries you need to achieve personal and professional fulfillment. A must-read for anyone seeking a life with less stress and more success." -Liz Fosslien, co-author and illustrator of No Hard Feelings

"Wilding's message-trust yourself-is much needed." -Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way

"You could burn out trying to succeed, or you could read this book. The engaging strategies, practical tips, and exercises in Trust Yourself will help any Sensitive Striver excel at work and level up in their career."-Alexandra Cavoulacos, Founder of The Muse

"Larger-than-life expectations have led to more pressure at work and a surge in impostor syndrome. In Trust Yourself, Melody Wilding leads with empathy and delivers foolproof strategies that anyone can use to overcome doubt and reclaim their confidence."-Georgene Huang, CEO and Co-founder of Fairygodboss

"I found myself nodding my head a lot while reading this book. Trust Yourself helps us gain self-awareness around the qualities that make us Sensitive Strivers and gives us the tools to assess how these individual qualities serve us or deplete us so we can direct our energy towards becoming the person we aspire to be." -Fran Hauser, startup investor and author of The Myth of the Nice Girl

"Working with Melody gave me the courage to channel my sensitivity into a super strength. I will be giving everyone on my team this book. Trust Yourself is a must-read for every heart-centered, empathetic leader and professional who wants success without so much stress." -Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia

“From chapters covering stress to perfectionism and self-doubt to imposter syndrome, Melody Wilding's powerful book is here to help relieve us from the burdens that hold us back from achieving success at work. In Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions For Success at Work, you build the tools to achieve confidence, find your voice, build resilience, and enjoy your success all while staying true to who you are.”--PopSugar
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