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"The awful thing that can happen to a child is to be raised by a narcissistic mother."

Do you want to stop feeling guilty understanding how your narcissistic mother affected negatively your life and choices?

You want to leave this toxic situation, but you don't know when and how? And on top of all that, you want to be fully healed?

It's really difficult to share your experience in this case, because narcissists, and especially a narcissistic mother, can be very good at creating the perfect family image for outsiders looking in.

This book is first step to forward, a step that i hope will make a difference in your life, because you deserve to finally find happiness

A narcissistic mother is one who marginalizes and competes with the child. Imagine having a mother who sees you as a competition. She is threatened by anything you do and does not hide that fact.

You would think that all mothers want the best for their child. However, some mothers are too selfish to care about their offspring. The mother sees the success or independence of a child as a threat.

The child is forced to live in the mother's shadow and warned from doing anything that threatens the parent.

How do you know when you have a narcissistic mother? This ultimate guide, "NARCISSISTIC MOTHERS," will help you answer that question and help you heal your past and prevent future abuse of a narcissistic mother.

The following are the subjects to look out for inside:

  • How to recognize a narcissist before becoming a victim
  • Why some people attract narcissists more easily than others
  • Narcissistic Mothers strategies of manipulation
  • How Narcissistic Mothers affects your life
  • Can Your Narcissistic Mother Change?
  • Possible solutions, no contact and protect yourself
  • Powerful strategies for self-healing, recovery, and freedom

And many more

Narcissistic mothers have no limits and see nothing wrong with competing with their children.

Even if you were born in the wrong place, and you grew up dealing with a narcissistic mother, you can leave the past behind and build a better future. It's never too late, let's start now

This book will teach you how to leave this toxic relationship. You deserve it

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ISBN: 9781801201308
ISBN-10: 1801201307
Publisher: Fabio Giuliano Stella
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2020
Pages: 182
Language: English