Toddler Parenting: 2 Manuscripts: TODDLER DISCIPLINE AND POTTY TRAINING (Paperback)

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Are your children very lively and you struggle to manage them?They sometimes do tantrums and you do not know how to deal with them?
As the mother of five children, I can understand you very well
If you are reading this page you are surely a parent who wants to teach discipline to your child, learn more about how to overcome tantrums, prevent conflicts, and get over behavior challenges with your children, using effective child-friendly strategies.This book can help you definitely.You'll learn:
- How the toddler mind works- Learning how to communicate with toddlers- The power of discipline- Setting limits and boundaries- Developments of a toddler- Teaching Kids' Leadership- and much more...
Another very common problem with children is weaning from diapers to potty. It's something that can be stressful for parents and even traumatic for children.
So, the second book is a practical and easy-to-follow program for ditching diapers, day care strategies and on-the-go potty training. Keep in mind that potty training is an ability that your child must learn and, even though there is no standard age for your son to be ready to start using the potty, most children gain the needed skills to start training when they are between 18 months and three years old. As a parent, you do not have to wait until your son achieved everything before you start potty training.
The book covers: - Why Potty Training is a crucial step for children- Know when they are ready- Parent and Child Preparation- Errors In Potty Training- How to set a daily routine- The Difference between Potty-Training Girls and Boys

These two books will help you a lot even if you have already tried many other solutions without success.

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ISBN: 9781801328517
ISBN-10: 180132851X
Publisher: Francesco Pisciotta
Publication Date: November 28th, 2020
Pages: 482
Language: English