Household Budget Planning: How to Start, Finish, Implement, Stick To, Revise, And Refine A Family Budget. (Hardcover)

Household Budget Planning: How to Start, Finish, Implement, Stick To, Revise, And Refine A Family Budget. Cover Image
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Do you ever feel that you do not have enough cash at the end of the month to pay bills, buy necessities of life? Are you barely making a dent in your credit card debt balance, no matter how hard you try?

Whether you are making financial decisions for yourself or your household, you might have to make some serious choices and adjustments regarding your financial freedom and situation.

Once you start probing family budgets, expending time and energy researching the subject in-depth, it becomes quite clear that most families are caught in a vicious, almost never-ending cycle of "What comes in must go out."

Most families might feel that budgeting is a futile effort. Others might voice that they feel that they are merely throwing money away, in a never-ending and dizzying spiral of spend, spend, spend. People are getting deeper and deeper into debt, no matter how hard they try to get out of it.

Questions are then raised: How do we stop these courses of action? How do we change the thinking around family fiscal discipline?

In "Household Budget Planning, "we focus on empowering families to set up better, more realistic budgets, stick to them and celebrate their successes (and learn from their failures )

Budgeting is not about reflecting on what you cannot have but more about how to stretch, invest and spend your earned dollars more wisely. In short, it is about making your money going further.

This quick-reference how-to guide was developed to help you set up your own personal, household, and family budget to help you with all of the above and more

Part of this guide's goal is to demystify family budgeting and highlight an easy systematic process to set up a quality family budget.

Budgeting is not just about restricting spending and living a cheapskate life. It is about insights, wisdom, informed decisions, action, and sustained discipline regarding your household finances.

This book will invite you to learn more about systematic budgeting.

It focuses on practical application and zooms to apply these "best practice suggestions" in your own home.

It empowers you to put together a dynamic financial plan that suits your pocketbook, means, and circumstance.

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ISBN: 9781802661125
ISBN-10: 1802661123
Publisher: William Ladue
Publication Date: April 8th, 2021
Pages: 118
Language: English