Bikini Jones Vs. The Brainnappers From Outer Space (Paperback)

Bikini Jones Vs. The Brainnappers From Outer Space Cover Image
By Thomas
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Cursed by a witch to forever wear a bikini,

She fights for justice in a dangerous world.

Bikini Jones has come a long way and saved the world many times over.

But no matter how far you've come, family is still family. So when her estranged sister uncovers an Egyptian pyramid outside of Philadelphia, PA and needs her help, Bikini drops everything. Soon a search for missing women uncovers an eons-old plot for world domination

Bikini faces off against Prohibition-era

gangsters, a brain-transplanting mad scientist, the mummy of the first pharaoh, and aliens who need the brains of human women so they can conquer the world.

If Bikini fails, humanity will be enslaved. If she succeeds, she still has to put up with her sister.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781890096922
ISBN-10: 189009692X
Publisher: Padwolf Publishing
Publication Date: December 6th, 2021
Pages: 134
Language: English