Growing Up: A Modern Memory Book for the School Years (Hardcover)

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A modern, chic memory book to capture your child's milestones from kindergarten through high school!

Growing Up: A Modern Memory Book for the School Years features gender-neutral artwork and space to record precious memories from each year of your child's schooling so you can one day gift to your grown child.

Growing Up includes:
   Space to record moments for each grade level from kindergarten through high school
   Prompts to capture your child's personality, traits, and growth at each special stage
   Space for special photos, including the first day of school and class photos
   Pockets to save special mementos like report cards, awards, and programs

About the Author

Korie Herold is an artist who explores watercolor, hand-lettering, design, and visual interest. She lives in Kingwood, TX with her husband, Joel, and her two boys, Xander and Jonah. She loves brunch, fresh flowers, and connecting with others. She enjoys making her house a home, and thinks the home is such an important place to nourish. She is the gal behind The Weekend Type, which began as a calligraphy business, and has since expanded to include more art mediums, exploration, and creating for the sake of the process. Her skillset comes from a blend of studies at Abilene Christian University, going to workshops from skilled artists she admires, as well as simple trial and error in her own studio. She will forever be a student of the arts, and that alone keeps her curiosity for trying new things piqued! Connect with her and learn more at
Product Details
ISBN: 9781944515966
ISBN-10: 1944515968
Publisher: Paige Tate & Co
Publication Date: July 27th, 2021
Pages: 160
Language: English